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Top 10 (Hot) Celebrities (actresses, models, etc)

The following are my ten favorite female actors/models. These are girls that are so good looking they alone can get me into a theater seat to see a movie. Even if the movie is bad at least I have something to look at when one of these girls is on screen. This was one of the toughest lists to narrow down as there are so many attractive female celebrities. I formulated the list several times and jumbled around the order several times as well before making my final decisions. Here they are.

Number 10 - Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Number ten on my list of drool worthy celebrities is Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Most people know this girl as the actress who played legendary cop John McClane's daughter in the fourth Die Hard film (Live Free or Die Hard) but she also played a villain in the super-hero flick Sky High and played the lovely love interest Ramona in Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

Number 9 - Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett has appeared on this site before due to her recent appearance as sexy SHIELD agent Natasha Romanova. Not only is she physically flawless but her voice has a slightly raspy quality that is enough to drive any man (or at least me) a bit crazy. I look forward to seeing her beat some more baddies in future installments of Iron Man and I beg them to bring back that blue suit she wears in the movie...

Number 8 - Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde is probably best known for playing Doctor Hadley on the hit Fox show HOUSE MD but her career has taken off in recent times including two geeky films I plan on seeing TRON Legacy and, the even more awesome Cowboys and Aliens. Interestingly enough Wilde isn't the name she was born with, she borrowed it from Oscar Wilde. Her face is fairly unique, I don’t know of any actresses that look like her and her eyes are very very sexy. Considering the fact that at age 18 she eloped with the son of an Italian Prince the name Wilde certainly fits.

Number 7 - Emma Stone

For those who don't know I love zombies and I love those who involve themselves with zombies which, in 2009, Emma Stone did by appearing in Zombieland. Again an incredibly hot woman is complimented by an incredibly hot voice and her tendency to play girls with attitude, rather than the bland ordinary sort, makes her even more attractive. Emma Stone is a stone cold fox, although that figure of speech really has no place on the internets. It was recently announced that she would be joining the cast of the new Spider-Man reboot meaning there's hope for the future for all nerd kind hoping to catch a glimpse of this beauty.

Number 6 - Lily Cole

You've probably never even heard of Lily Cole. I know that I certainly hadn't heard of her until a few months ago when I decided to take a chance on Terry Gilliam's Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Needless to say I was taken aback by her and wondered why exactly I’d never heard of her before. She’s one of the most unique looking actresses/models out there today and that certainly helps add to her allure. She, unfortunately, hasn’t done all that much acting but hopefully that will change.

Number 5 - Natalie Portman

Natalie cut her teeth in the controversial film The Professional where she plays a young girl who attempts to learn how to be an assassin. Just five years later and no longer a little girl Natalie was cast in Episode One of the new Star Wars Trilogy that George Lucas was working on. Needless to say the film is a little more than disappointing and every performance is pretty bad but at least Portman looks really really hot in the movie. In fact she's looked hot in every movie I've seen her in, from V for Vendetta to Mr. Magorium. She's another girl who has a really great smile, oh and she had a really great video with Andy Samberg (let me see if I can't find a link).

Click Here (probably NSFW)

Number 4 - Zooey Deschanel

I'm not entirely sure how to say her last name, I'm also not sure why there is an extra O but Zooey Deschanel is very hot. Maybe its the blue eyes or the fact she usually plays a shy girl but Zooey is intensely beautiful. Believe it or not if it wasn't for Zooey I wouldn't be alive today, for surely I would have killed myself while attempting to sit through The Happening if it hadn't been for her beauty. So thank you Zooey, thank you for saving my life. Now if only you're beauty would also inspire M. Night Shyamalan to NEVER EVER make movies again.

Number 3 - Summer Glau

As a Geek I have a lot of reason to thank Joss Whedon. From the list of badass heroines some of you recall the inclusion of River Tam, who was played by Summer Glau. Summer is insanely hot, there’s something about her. In Serenity she reminded me of a hotter Sigourney Weaver, much much hotter and I do have quite a soft spot for Sigourney both as an actress and as being pretty hot in her earlier films (Hell who am I kidding she looks good in Avatar too). Summer is trained as a dancer and has a tendency, like many women on this list, to take roles that a nerd such as I would like. In Firefly she’s a badass girl who can both brawl and apparently read minds. She also played a super-sexy female Terminator in Fox’s Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. While the show wasn’t that great I did manage to sit through the first season thanks in no small part to Summer’s epic hotness.

Number 2 - Zoe Saldana

Allow me to put my tongue back into my mouth for long enough to finish this list. Zoe is an up and coming star who, like others on the list, is in nerd stuff. Star Trek was the first film I saw her in and the movie made me simultaneously hate and envy Spock, partially because Spock had Winona Ryder for a Mom (how’s that for an Oedipal complex) and partially because Zoe Saldana was his love interest. Next I saw her in Avatar, where despite being a big blue alien her beauty shines through, I wouldn’t mind crossing species lines to get me some of that. These top 3 were tough to pick and at times Zoe was at the top of the list, at other times Summer but one name kept returning to haunt me.

Number 1 - Miranda Kerr

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put her on the list at all at first. After all she recently married Orlando Bloom arguably the worst actor in the world, rivaled only by Eric Bana (they’ll be a list on that later). She also managed to get pregnant with his baby. Hopefully Miranda’s genes will win out and we’ll get an attractive baby who can become a model as opposed to a horrible wooden actor. It doesn’t really matter in the end because Miranda Kerr is the single hottest woman I have ever seen, PERIOD.

So that’s my list everyone. Here are the women who didn’t make the list:

Kate Beckinsale
Olivia Munn
Keira Knightley
Mila Kunis
Gemma Ward
Christina Ricci
Rose McGowan
Morena Baccarin
Michelle Rodriguez
Jewel Staite

I’m probably going to take a recess on this blog until after the New Year, so I’ll see you all in 2011!

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