Saturday, November 6, 2010

Things in MW2 that piss me off

Top 10 Things about Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer that Piss me Off -

In honor of the upcoming release of Call of Duty Black-Ops I'm going to do a rundown of all the things present in Modern Warfare 2's Multiplayer that really pissed me off. These are both issues with the game itself and with the way that other players played the game. Many of these problems are tolerable but when I face more than one of them during a match I am tempted to take the disc out and chuck it across the room.

Number 10 - Bullets that Vanish

Let me set the stage, I'm using an ACR and pumping some nub full of bullets when he kills me but when he kills me the bullets that were leaving my gun VANISH. Simply because I died every bullet I fired ceases to exist... But why? If the game were as realistic as it pretends to be that asshole would be dead too because the bullets would hit him only a fraction of a second after his bullets hit me. The ultimate injustice of it all is that usually grenades fired from a grenade launcher SURVIVE after you die. If they changed that and made it so neither noobtubes OR bullets survive the player's death than I'd feel it was at least FAIR even if not realistic.

Number 9 - Overpriced Maps

Infinity Ward apparently thinks people are made of money. Fifteen dollars for five maps is hardly worth it and is far higher than the maps for the first Modern Warfare (and World at War). Luckily I only bought one of the Map Packs and that was over a month after it came out. I'm guessing 90% of the people who bought the maps were also like me, impulsive and bored of the old ones. The thing is that, aside from the COD4 maps that returned, the new maps SUCKED. Here's hoping Treyarch aren't a bunch of greedy assholes and give us reasonably priced maps.

Number 8 - Stupid Clan Tags

These go hand in hand with stupid gamertags such as those spelled with numbers or those involving the words: Merk, Swag, Sniper, Ninja and Assassin. VAG, Merk, UGAY, i>u, etc. We've all seen them, terrible shitty clan-tags designed for terrible shitty players. The worst are those pictured above that draw penises. These are the kind of morons who deserve to be arrested for pedophilia every time they jack off because their minds aren't out of the third grade.

Number 7 - Double Shotguns

Thanks to Infinity Ward a soldier in MODERN Warfare 2 can run into battle wielding TWO 1887 shotguns. Perhaps someone needs to remind Infinity Ward that its almost 2011, not 1911. Even Treyarch's mediocre first attempt, World at War, didn't bring in any shotguns from the 1800s. To make me even more seething with rage the morons at Infinity Ward saw fit to allow someone holding two shotguns to still launch a successful melee attack.

Number 6 - Hardcore Campers

You know who I'm talking about, you see them all the time. In the corner with a tac-insert or surrounded by claymores or perched atop the same roof even after you've dislodged them several times. One Hardcore Camper isn't a big deal but their are entire clans who indulge in this noobish behavior. They are particularly aggravating when utilizing One Man Army with Claymores, this gives them an essentially infinite supply of Claymores. While camping might be a legitimate strategy for a sniper ANYONE holding an assault rifle, SMG or LMG and camping is a pussy.

Number 5 - Boosters

Ever seen a person who isn't 10th Prestige with an emblem that's a spinning skull? Than you've probably seen a Booster (very few get that emblem legitimately). Boosters, however, are not always easy to spot unless they are boosting in your lobby. Chances are if you do public MW2 lobbies you've gotten a voice message at some point from someone hosting a BOOSTING lobby. These degenerate rejects have decide that playing the game in a legitimate manner isn't for them and have chosen to cheat. Be sure to avoid Boosters whenever possible.

Number 4 - One Man Army Noobtubes

One Man Army is a cool idea on paper and even I thought it sounded cool when MW2 first came out. However noobs are crafty creatures and they quickly concocted a way to use this perk to be even more noobish. One Man Army Noobtubes allows a player to have infinite grenade launcher rounds thus allowing them to forgo actual shooting skill. While there are SKILLED noobtubers out there those that use this combination are typically the type to wildly spam-launch grenades across the map. When an entire enemy team is doing it it quickly brings the fun level to zero.

Number 3 - Marathon-Lightweight-Commando

Each of these three perks has their place in the game, each can be used WITHOUT being a total dick about it. When you put all three together, however, you have one of the least fun tactics in the game. Enemies using these three perks will teleport right through bullets, around and through objects and are nearly impossible to knife. While not impossible to shoot they are distracting and often direct your attention away from slower moving targets. When used in conjunction with the tactical knife Marathon-Lightweight-Commando becomes one of the most noobish tactics in game.

Number 2 - Spawn Killing/Spawn Camping

Most of us have experienced this, we will spawn only to be struck down a second later. Sometimes spawning into bullets, grenades, predator missiles and essentially every other weapon available in the game. While being spawn-killed once or twice in a match is usually no big deal often times an entire team will spawn camp another team. This traps a team in their spawn and kills them every time they come back to life. Caution is a must, the line between dominating a team and spawn camping them can be thin. Being spawn-killed can ruin the game for either team.

Number 1 - QuickScoping

Quickscoping used to be more difficult. In Call of Duty 4 it usually required at least a little bit of skill to get a kill without fully scoping in on your enemy with the sniper rifle. That went out the window in Modern Warfare 2 with the inclusion of Sleight of Hand Pro now every twelve year old nub with an intervention can instantaneously scope in on you and kill you. Quickscoping is a game stopper for me. The way I play the game is fluid, I start moving at the beginning of the match and unless I need to stop to reload or get a better chance of hitting an enemy I continue moving until the game ends. Nothing ruins a game faster for me than when members of the enemy team have decide to hang back like a bunch of pussies and quickscope. It brings me great joy to know that Sleight of Hand Pro will not allow for easier quickscoping in Black Ops. I doubt it will stop the dyed in the wool quickscopers but it might save me some aggravation. Stop being pussies for two seconds, get a different gun (not a sniper rifle from a mile away) and we'll see whose aim is actually better the way the game is supposed to be.

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