Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Titen's Top 10 Pornstars (NSFW)

Note - The following contains text about sex, porn and adult actresses however the images used are non-nude and no actual adult content is present

I had this idea for a Top 10 list for a while and I figured I'd get it out of the way early in this blogs history and then bury it behind walls of other posts out of embarrassment. Like most men my age I'm all but addicted to pornography. According to statistics nearly 100% of men indulge in pornography of one kind of another and those of us born in the Digital Age usually turn toward the internet. So the following is a list of the ten women who work in porn that I have an affinity toward.

Number 10 - Gigi Rivera

Although I only discovered her a few weeks ago she quickly grew on me. According to an unnamed source she's five foot three and apparently trained as a gymnast at one point or another allowing her to bend into all sorts of shapes. She also has an adorable smile and innocent attitude. When dirty girls act innocent it is a massive turn on.

Number 9 - Madison Scott

Madison Scott is only five foot one and she's one of the only pornstars that goes as a blonde who I can stand. That's one of my weird quirks, brunettes are infinitely more attractive, usually anyway. I was toying with keeping her off the list because in 2007, in order to help her career, she got breast implants but then I realized that I don't really give a shit, fake boobs or not this chick is hot. Plus most pornstars have fake tits, its the only profession where that sort of thing is really necessary.

Number 8 - Tanner Mayes

Another one with an adorable smile that is almost so cute its sickening. Honestly if she wasn't in porn and I met her on the street I would mistake her for the most innocent girl imaginable. While not visible in the picture she has a tattoo on her left shoulder which reads "Just Love Me" in Chinese characters and with a smile like that its hard not to.

Number 7 - Dakoda Brookes

Dakoda Brookes is apparently named after the most boring pair of US States ever allowed in the Union. While her appearance draws you in its her voice that keeps your around or at least that's what happened to me. If I could I'd recommend a certain video in which she seduces her Step-Father.

Number 6 - Daisy Marie (aka Daisy Dukes)

At Twenty-Seven Daisy Marie is the oldest woman to make it onto the list although if you want my opinion she doesn't look a day over twenty. Daisy looks, at least to me, like a Latina Halle Berry. She's a blend of Mexican and Filipina and if you ask me she's evidence that those two nationalities should blend a hell of a lot more often.

Number 5 - Audrey Bitoni

I know the stereotypical thing would be to say its the big breasts but ANY pornstar can get a pair of implants and go places. With Audrey I look right past the tits and look at her lips and if the lips ain't enough her sexy hazel eyes should count for something.

Number 4 - Codi Milo

Codi has essentially everything a woman, or a pornstar, could ever need to turn any man on. Massive breasts, a sexy face and hazel eyes (seems a lot of pornstars I like have hazel eyes for some reason). A few years ago I saw her in a film called Slut School and she won my heart... or at the very least my arousal.

Number 3 - Tia Tanaka

Let it be known that I love Asian girls. It seems to be getting to be a bit of a stereotype, the white guy who craves Asian girls, but I've always had a heightened desire for them. Tia Tanaka is the hottest Asian pornstar around in my opinion and she's even more tempting now because according to various online sources she is only doing Girl-Girl scenes from now on... More power to her.

Number 2 - Ashlyn Rae

Another girl who's lips have me fixated for some reason. Ashlyn was a top contender for first place, she's insanely hot. I wouldn't mind playing all eighteen holes with her.

Number 1 - Stoya

Finally we reach number one. Stoya is like something from a dark fantasy. She's pale as hell but that milky white skin drives me crazy. She's also done two of my favorite girl-girl scenes ever including one in which two mean girls were forcing her to be very polite and say please and thank you as they went at it. A glance at her wikipedia page only helps solidify her place at number 1 as it claims is she is a big fan of science fiction and is active with her fans on social media sites such as Twitter.

Well that's my list of porn goddesses. Join me next time for more of Titen's Top 10.

Here's the women who didn't make the list:

Sasha Grey
Julia Bond
Charmane Star
Ashyln Brooke
Terri Summers
Lexi Belle
Prinzzess Sasha
Renae Cruz

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